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Get Your Huskers Grill Gate! Make Your Meat Better!

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We have a new partnership so you get cool stuff!!!!

CornNation is pleased to announce a partnership with Gridiron Metal Works out of Lafayette, Indiana.

Gridiron Metal offers beautifully crafted steel to spruce up your summer grilling action. This includes custom grill plates, planters, and more. The best part is that they can make custom plates designed to exactly fit your grill, as well as other custom steel pieces.

Below is an example of the new plates on our staff dude Nate McHugh’s grill. Nate will provide a review at a later date.

They are not limited to Nebraska. They have licenses to produce products for several other Power 5 schools with others being added each day. Owner Derrick Dilts said that many Power 5 programs have been contacted and are in the process of getting approval, so feel free to ask him.

There may be designs for other schools that aren’t available for Nebraska - Derrick says it’s a matter of time before they get put up on the web site. This is a new start up venture, so ask if you’re interested in something not specifically shown.

These are high-quality, custom crafted products built to last.

Get to their web site and place your order today. We’re going to give anyone that uses the CORNNATION promo code a free steel “Nebraska” stand up plaque.

Tell your friends! Or don’t. Just order one and make them jealous. It’ll make your meat taste better!!!!!