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Maybe the NBA Should Give Nebraska A Look After a Record Spike of Positive Cases in Florida

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Hat tip to Nick Bahe and Kevin Kugler.

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

First, I want to give credit where credit is due, which is to Kevin Kugler and Nick Bahe. They jokingly suggested that the NBA should finish their season in Nebraska instead of Florida.

Should the NBA actually finish their season in Nebraska?

As second wave of positive cases have taken over some select states including California, Arizona, South Carolina, Texas and Florida.

The NBA currently plans finishing their season in a bubble at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Well Florida definitely does not look entirely great at this moment. You know who does?


Do you also know what Nebraska has that maybe no other state has at this point?*

Four legit arenas within 50 miles of each other. Ralston Arena, Baxter Arena and the CHI Center are all in Omaha. Omaha has a great reputation for holding events in the city. The best arena of the four, Pinnacle Bank Arena, is an easy 50 mile drive down the interstate to Lincoln.

Might as well add the Devaney Center in Lincoln as well as Sokol Arena in Omaha. If you want another arena in a neighboring state then the Mid-American Center in Council Bluff is another option as it is right on the other side of the Missouri River.

We also have a great healthcare system that is anything but overwhelmed at this point. That can change as we know though, right now Nebraska is looking pretty good.

Brian Windhorst who covers the NBA for ESPN actually lives in Omaha. Kevin Kugler and Nick Bahe both have experience calling basketball games for TV audiences and they both live in Omaha. Kugler has called Final Fours, Superbowls and even the Masters for Westwood One.

In the podcast they even mentioned all of the support staff located in Nebraska who have experience putting sports on television.

If the NBA wants great facilities and to keep their players safe then Nebraska might be the only option.

*Not Fact Checked