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Friday Flakes: My Dog Has Separation Anxiety... Again Eight Years Later

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Not fun at all.

Rhodesian ridgeback breed dog parade with its owner. 37th... Photo by Henrique Casinhas/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Back when Dagny, our Rhodesian Ridgeback, was a puppy we were dealing with some severe separation anxiety. We were working with our veterinarian to trying everything we could.

When we put her in the kennel she tried so hard to get out that she would tear up her face. We tried several other options but nothing worked. Then we ended up putting her on Prozac. It didn’t go well and we didn’t like how it affected her so we weaned her off of it.

At some point things changed and she was good being at home without us.

Eight years later and we spent a weekend in South Dakota and Dagny spent the weekend with my parents which she has done numerous times.

Something changed and her separation anxiety came back. She started peeing and pooping in our house. We got her urine checked and it was clean. Our veterinarian said that it might be a behavioral change and that we might need to block off parts of our house (our basement and our kids rooms) and retrain her on going outside.

We have been doing that this week but I’ve noticed drool drops on the floor when I walk in and even if I was gone for an hour she acted like we were gone for a weekend.

We obviously don’t want to put her on Prozac again, so hopefully we can get something figured out.

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