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Face the Facts: Why Your Favorite Nebraska Fast Food Restaurant is Overrated

You know it’s true.

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We think it is important for you to understand that your favorite Nebraska based fast food restaurant is overrated.

You might think your favorite Nebraska based fast food restaurant could be the exception. You might think that there is no way that it could make this list. Well guess what, it absolutely did and your favorite restaurant is completely overrated. You just didn’t know it until now.

So we are here to provide this service and explain to you the reasons it has made the list. If your favorite Nebraska based restaurant did not make the list then it’s because we forgot about it or didn’t know about it. Thus, it is definitely overrated.

Here we go.

Amigos/Kings Classic

Oh how the mighty have fallen. It used to be the perfect late night dinner run after studying or having a few beers. You could walk into the dining room and make your own sides of ranch or salsa. Their ranch is still delicious I do have to admit.

The best thing at Amigos is to get one or two soft tacos and a taquito with two sides of ranch. Perfect. Beautiful. Delightful.

Go ahead and try to order that today and guess what you’ll get? Two soft tacos and the suggestion for a crisp meat burrito.

The Amigos Taquito was legendary. It was relatively cheap (less than a dollar if I remember correctly) and was pretty big which was a great value.

Then we noticed that the taquitos all the sudden were about half the size as they used to be. Yet the price didn’t change. It happened over night. No explanation. Nothing.

Shouldn’t there have been a press release? Something?

They did the same thing with the Southwestern Chicken Quesadilla. It was delicious and probably my favorite fast food item in the entire world. I got it at least once as week and chowed down on the way home.

Then it was gone. Again, no explanation. Nothing

I asked about it and even tried contacting them on twitter but they said that they had a Southwestern Chicken Burrito instead. They implied like it was the same thing. Never has a social media account been more wrong.

So after Amigos appears to remove the best items on their menu then invent things like Crisp Crab Rangoon Burrito or a Crisp Pinto Burrito. Why go away from what works? Why make somebody like me sad? Why...

So in the year 2020 I have had Amigos a couple times and instead of an affordable meal with a great value it seems like it is impossible to walk away without spending $10+ on a couple tacos and a crisp meat burrito.

Every time I bite into that crisp meat burrito I am hoping to fall in love with it, but it simply disappoints every time.


Ah yes, Nebraska favorite food outside of Valentino’s and Fairbury Franks.

You can get one of these cabbage and beef filled buns at just about every Husker sporting event and corner of the state. You get them during cold Husker games because they keep you warm inside and out. Ever use one as a hand warmer before you eat it? Of course, everyone has!

When I went to college out of state I found out there was one about a half hour away from campus. I pleaded with my then girlfriend to take me (she thankfully obliged). We drove there and I had what was a wonderful swiss and ‘schroom Runza which made me glow with joy for the rest of the day.

My mom, even made me homemade ones which I stored in my freezer when I lived off campus. They were wonderful and it made my college experience that much greater.

People will die for this brand.

However, they do not exactly franchise well. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Runza but their restaurants across the state are hit or miss when it comes to quality and tastiness.

It has saddened me in the past when I have ordered a Runza that was either not fully cooked or falling apart. Some can come out with too much stuffing. Other times there is not enough.

Nothing beats a homemade Runza. I doubt you will find anyone who would disagree with me on that. But, if you are not a cook or know of anyone who makes them then I would quickly learn which franchise has the best reputation and go there. Because let’s be honest, a bad Runza makes for a bad day.

Don and Millie’s

This place is known for it’s cheese frenches, long necks, and margaritas.

That’s it.

I know that you know of other places that do that too and do a better job a it.

King Kong Gyro

Want a 5 pound gyro? How about a 10 pound burger that will put you in a coma? Sirloin steak for $8.99?

Well, if you do then King Kong Gyro is the place for you.

Also, they give you enough fries to feed an army.

You will not go hungry at this place.

Just get done running a marathon? Go to King Kong Gyro.

It may fill you up but you will pass out for at least three days. Their food is good and filling but will easily put you in a coma as fast as you eat it. Eat if you don’t care about your health or ability to operate heavy machinery.

Valentino’s Pizza

I love Valentino’s pizza, but it is overrated.

In law school there were always speakers over the noon hour and they would almost always bring in pizza. I remember sitting there waiting and one of my classmates said, “Oh I hope they don’t bring in that same crap pizza again.” I thought he was talking about Papa Johns (which I think might be the worst pizza in the country). Nope, he was talking about Valentino’s.

Like some other Nebraska staples, Valentino’s feeds off of nostalgia. Many people from out of state don’t like Valentino’s. They think it is too greasy. Too much cheese and the crust leave much to be desired.

Don’t even get me started on the pizza at Nebraska football games. It is terrible. This is coming from a guy that loves Valentino’s pizza. It tastes like cardboard.

Luckily there are other pizza places popping up to challenge Valentino’s for state dominance, but that may take another decade or so. Until that time it is overrated.


Getting a burrito from D’Leons reminds me of a scene from Parks and Recreation.

There is nothing subtle or complex about D’leons burritos. They essentially are all “meat tornadoes.” You like beef and cheese? Here is a burrito with just beef and cheese. No imagination.

I remember driving all the way to West O’ Street to go to the original D’Leons that was a part of a trailer (if I remember right) and there was a line of cars sitting and waiting. If there were ten cars waiting for D’Leons, how many of them were full intoxicated individuals? Nine? Eight?

We all know you never want D’Leons unless you’ve had several redbull vodkas.

We also know that driving home from work on a Tuesday afternoon you don’t think to stop there for dinner. No you drive by and look at the sign thinking, “Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday night.”


Were some omitted? Did we forget your favorite restaurant? Then comment below and we might tell you why that Nebraska fast food restaurant is overrated!