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BOOM!!! Georgia RB Gabe Ervin is N!

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The Peach State's been good to us, huh?

More great news from Georgia!

Nebraska landed the commitment of 3* Georgia RB Gabe Ervin at noon Tuesday. The 6-foot-1, 205 pound Ervin chose the Huskers after also considering Arizona State, Michigan State, and Duke. He also had an offer from Georgia. I'm not sure how commit-able that offer was, but it shows that he was talented enough for the SEC powerhouse to even shoot an offer his way. Credit Ryan Held and Sean Beckton for this win as they offered him back in May 2019 and were all over him since.

Gabe plays for Buford High in Buford, GA, a northeast suburb of Atlanta. When I watch his Hudl film the first thing I notice is that he is POWERFUL. Guys just bounce off of him. It takes at least 3 men to take him down. The second thing I notice is that he reminds me a lot of former Wisconsin Badger and current Indianapolis Colt Jonathan Taylor when it comes to his speed on the gridiron. He doesn't appear to be running that fast, but when he gets in the open field nobody can catch him from behind.

According to 247 Composite, Gabe is rated a .8588 3 star, the 49th best back in the country and the 66th best player in Georgia. On Rivals, they have Gabe as a 5.6 3*, the 34th best RB in the nation and the 60th best player in the land that Sherman burned down. Under the tutelage of OG Held, I have no doubt Gabe will be a great player for the Good Guys.

Welcome to Nebraska, Gabe! GBR!