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Pastrami & Eggs On Rye

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Because we can

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Dining review - Smoked and Stacked
I know, that’s not on rye

Good morning Corn Nation!

If You Read Anything Today, Read This

Into the wild west of EDSBS, college football media’s outlaw protagonist – The Athletic
Spencer Hall, in the mold of Arthur Morgan, set out as a maverick in the world of college football, becoming a trailblazer.

Mankilling Mastodons

Q&A with John Cook: Nebraska volleyball recruiting is strong despite missed opportunities due to COVID-19 | Volleyball |
Volleyball recruiting has been impacted, but Nebraska is still sitting good with eight players already committed for the next two recruiting classes.

Friday Five: 5 sneaky important young Huskers
You may say right off the bat, "Listen here, pal, I don't know how sneaky a 300-pound offensive lineman in a headband standing in the layup line is." And I may say in return, "Touche."

Nebraska Football: Marcus Fleming shouldn't be forgotten
With a stacked 2020 receiving class, Nebraska football wide receiver Marcus Fleming should not be forgotten In the shuffle.

Other News From The Sporting World

How Kansas State went from zero positive tests to shutdown in less than a week – The Athletic
In a Zoom call with football players and parents, Wildcats AD Gene Taylor re-stressed how quickly COVID-19 can spread through a team.

Former Badgers men's basketball player Kobe King decides not to play for Nebraska | Wisconsin Badgers Men's Basketball |
Cornhuskers coach Fred Hoiberg said in a statement that former Badgers men's basketball player Kobe King will not be attending Nebraska “for personal reasons. We respect his decision and wish

Cowboys Dak Prescott signs exclusive franchise tender - Sports Illustrated
Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is expected to sign his $31.4 million exclusive franchise tender by Monday.

Opinion: Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy has created quite the quagmire for his school
Mike Gundy’s job status remains unknown.

Will OSU keep the hero/head coach and try to weather the storm that struck when superstar tailback Chuba Hubbard, not exactly a rabble-rouser, tweeted that he was boycotting all things Cowboys “until things CHANGE”?

Will there be college football? Coaches, ADs are concerned
Around the country, the fear among college administrators of not playing football in the fall — or having a season rife with interruptions and canceled games — has emerged stronger than at any point in the last month.

The secrecy surrounding Baylor’s 2016 investigation may be over - Banner Society
How a recent ruling in federal court could bring the details of Baylor’s internal investigation on its sexual assault policies to light

Max Tuerk, former USC standout, dies at 26
Tuerk earned All-Pac 12 honors with USC, and started at every offensive line position during his college career.

College football season jeopardized by disparity in covid-19 testing, safety plans at schools - The Washington Post
With players returning to campuses with an eye toward the fall, schools have a range of safety protocols. Too much of a range.

NASCAR says a noose was found in Bubba Wallace’s team’s garage at Talladega
Bubba Wallace responded by saying: "This will not break me, I will not give in nor will I back down."

Yellow Journalism

You Don’t Always Need to Follow the Recipe - Eater
Think of recipes more as templates, in conversation with each other, rather than scripture, meant to be followed precisely

Outdoor Rec Just Got Its Own Stimulus Bill | Outside Online
The Senate passed the Great American Outdoors Act, 73 to 25, allocating billions to recreation.

The Rich Have Stopped Spending And That's Tanked The Economy: New Study : NPR
While retail sales bounced back in May after a deep drop in March and April, the wealthiest Americans are not spending as freely as they did before the pandemic. And that could limit the recovery.

The National Book Critics Circle: Behind the Resignations
More than half of the board members of the National Book Critics Circle have now resigned in a sequence of events one member described as “bizarre and bloody in an end-of-a-Tarantino-movie way.”