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Of Bangarangs And Daggers Episode 53: Previewing the 20-21 Non-Conference Schedule

The Huskers released the full non-conference schedule for next season, and Kevin and Mitch are here to break it down for you.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 11 Big Ten Tournament - Nebraska vs Indiana Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’re back with another episode of Of Bangarangs and Daggers! After a brief break since the interview with former kicker Eric Lueshen, Kevin is back hosting this week with fellow Nebrasketball writer Mitch Lohmeier.

This week’s episode takes a look at our Nebraska Cornhuskers’ non-conference schedule that was released on Monday. We give our quick reaction to the beefed up list of opponents year two of the Coach Hoiberg era offers compared to last season’s, and list off some of the better match-ups to make sure to circle on the calendar.

You can find the Corn Nation announcement of the schedule here, but in the meantime to help follow along with the episode, the schedule is thus:

  • Nov. 2 Peru State College
  • Nov. 10 Cleveland State
  • Nov. 14 Purdue Fort Wayne
  • Nov. 19-22 Myrtle Beach Invitational (Bracket TBD)
  • Nov. 25 Lamar
  • Nov. 30-Dec. 2 B1G-ACC Challenge (Opponent TBD)
  • Dec. 12 Creighton
  • Dec. 19 Kansas State
  • Dec. 21 Kansas City
  • Dec. 29 Florida A&M

One notable team missing from the schedule after suggestions of a more regional non-conference slate being looked at (and promptly ignored) is the Nebraska Omaha Mavericks. So in light of the in-state option being left off the schedule, we asked Twitter what you thought and many of you seemed to agree that you wanted UNO on the docket. Perhaps Bill Moos will take note and make it happen next season!

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