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Jon’s PostLife Crisis: Eric Sorenson - A New College Baseball Format

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College coaches are proposing significant changes to the schedule. More warm weather games ahead!

TD Ameritrade Park

This episode I am joined by Eric Sorenson, a national college baseball writer who currently reports for

Eric and I talk about:

  • The college baseball season that wasn’t. Eric would have been reporting on the CWS right now. I had hoped to be there as a photographer again.
  • How did an aborted season affect Will Bolt’s first year as Nebraska’s head baseball coaach?
  • How will having an extra year affect college baseball rosters and overall talent level?

Michigan’s Erik Bakich put together a plan for changing college baseball’s schedule so that games would start in mid-March and the College World Series would take place in late July. Bakich has received support from other coaches such as Vanderbilt’s Tim Corbin.

  • Why is this a good thing for Big Ten baseball and Nebraska?
  • How much support has the proposal received?
  • What are the chances it is passed by the NCAA and implemented by college baseball?

Sorry, no more transcripts for now. The service I was using has changed so that there is no longer “free” transcription services. I will have to look around to see if I want to pay for it, or choose another pay service.

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