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Nebraska Football Ultimate Offensive Lineman Bracket: Rimington Reigns Supreme

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While other teams’ fans boast about their Rimington Trophy winners, Nebraska football fans celebrate the man himself

When you get a trophy named after you, you probably are a pretty good football player.

It is no surprise that Dave Rimington won the title of ultimate Nebraska offensive lineman, but it was fun to read about and revel in the excellence that Nebraska has showcased at this position for many decades. Shields, Taylor, Bonness, Brown...that is a distinguished collection of names from which to create a Mt. Rushmore for the OL position.

It also got me thinking about some of the players that didn’t even make the bracket. (Brew, you had a difficult job and your bracket was amazing, I just thought some of these guys below deserved a shoutout.)

Mick Tingelhoff was never an all-conference lineman, yet he went on to an NFL Hall of Fame career. It isn’t a surprise he didn’t make this bracket (since he didn’t have the collegiate honors) but he is still a point of pride for the Husker football OL tradition.

What about Russ Hochstein? He was a first team All-American in 2000 and holds the school record for pancakes in a game (23 vs Notre Dame). I’m guessing he was a bubble player for the bracket.

If you want to dig around in the history of Husker football, read about Link Lyman. He played in the ‘20s for Nebraska and went on to a distinguished pro career. He was named to the all-decade college football team for the 1920s by Sporting News.

I’m sure I missed someone in this - if you can name other greats that weren’t in the bracket, throw it in the comments.

As always, thanks to BrewCityHSKR for setting up the bracket.

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I believe Brew has the running back bracket ready to go. Look for that in the comments or in an article to come later in the week!