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Recruiting Update: Omar Manning is Finally on His Way to Lincoln

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The JUCO wide receiver has qualified and will be eligible this fall


Omar Manning, the JUCO All-American Wide Receiver and likely the most important piece of the 2020 recruiting class. gave the state of Nebraska some much needed good news on Monday night. Though the news is rather unimportant when compared to what is going on in our state and throughout the country. It is still good news.

It appears that Omar Manning has graduated from JUCO and has qualified and will be in Lincoln extremely soon.

Manning was a 4 star recruit when he signed to play football for TCU.

He provides a type of player that even Coach Frost admits was not currently on the roster. With a possible loss of JD Spielman (who Steven Sipple believes would have to jump several hurdles in order to play again for Nebraska), then this is some good news.

Having Manning there with Wan’Dale Robinson should provide some extra explosiveness for the Nebraska offense.

Now back to your scheduled news program.