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Nebrasketball: Non-Conference Schedule Hints

The Big Ten is looking at potential cost cutting measures.

Late Friday afternoon ESPN reported the following hint at what we might expect to see of the basketball non-conference schedule (if we get to have one):

So that brings us to the theme of this article, which is who do you want to see your Nebraska Cornhuskers play if they focus on a regional schedule?

Presuming the Huskers will play in the Gavitt Games and B1G/ACC Challenge this season, that leaves six non-conference games. Whether the Myrtle Beach Invitational occurs or not, the tournaments count as extra games rather than against the full season schedule count, so we will ignore that for the purposes of this exercise. Also bear in mind the Huskers have already announced a game against the Kansas State Wildcats to be played in Kansas City this upcoming season. So that leaves five games.

Who (and no, you cannot pick the Kansas Jayhawks people!) do you want to see the Cornhuskers play in the non-conference basketball season?