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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Announces Adjusted Fall Schedule

This schedule seems to be gaining popularity around the nation.

Nebraska Jon Johnston

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln announced an adjusted fall schedule this afternoon on Twitter.

Classes will begin a week early on August 17, remotely.
Classes will begin in-person on August 24.
Classes will be held Labor Day and Fall Break.
Finals will be held November 21-25.

The full statement on Twitter is as follows:

Classes will begin one week earlier, on a remote basis. Classes with an in-person component will start the following week. We will then conclude finals by Thanksgiving. Shifting and compressing the fall schedule will reduce travel that can increase spread of COVID-19.

Aug. 17: Classes start on asynchronous remote learning basis

Aug. 24: In-person instruction begins for courses that have an in-person component

Classes meet on Labor Day and during fall break

Nov. 19-20: “Fifteenth Week” prep for finals

Nov. 21-25: Finals will take place

We are excited to offer a new, 3-week remote Fall Mini Session from Nov. 30-Dec. 18 to continue your educational journey through experiential learning, career preparedness, and unique course subjects.

We will continue to share new guidance as soon as it is available. Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility. ››

This schedule is roughly the same as has been adopted by several other universities around the nation. When I first saw it, when South Carolina announced it, I thought it was stupid. My staff, who are not quite as reactionary as me, said it was a good idea since students would not be going home for Thanksgiving, then returning to spread more evil Corona virus around.