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The Big Red Cobcast Returns!

Ryan Pat and Joe are the prodigal sons of Corn Nation!

Hello, Corn Nation. I’m Joe and I’m 13 of the Big Red Cobcast team. You may be wondering “What’s a Cobcast?” I wish I could come up with a satisfactory answer. The short answer is that we are a Nebraska sports podcast (mostly football, obviously) created by three Husker transplants in Los Angeles.

I remember when I was young watching Husker games on TV, I would always notice the huge “Californians for Nebraska” banners along the stadium walls. Little did I think I’d actually be one of them someday. Ryan and Pat (the heart and brains of the Cobcast) are both born and bred Nebraskans, while I am a New Yorker who spent years 4-10 living in LIncoln, which was more than enough to indoctrinate me (I guess I’m the groin area(?) of the Cobcast since I have kids).

We’ve been doing this podcast every week for the last six plus years. Yes, even when there aren’t any sports. My memory is fuzzy for reasons listeners can fill you in on, but I think we started out on Corn Nation and then went somewhere else and now we are back. I honestly don’t know any of the details as I’m the groin. Anyway, I was supposed to write this weeks ago, and since then we have a number of episodes to share with you. The only good thing about the sports lockdown is that we’ve gotten to do some really great interviews with a wide array of interesting guests, we hope you enjoy us and please never take us too seriously. We are idiots,in the best way, I think.

Here’s our twitter feed (NSFW) and a link (waaaay down for some reason) to our latest episode with Adam Carriker. Go back and check out our other interviews with 94’ Miami Hurricanes QB Frank Costa, Husker National Champion WB Clester Johnson and More! (And we have a 3 time National Champ coming up!)