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CN’s Newest Writer, Patrick Grindey: My Nebraska Upbringing

My name is Patrick Grindey and I am new to Cornnation. This is a little background of who I am, and my story of how I became a Husker fan.

Nebraska vs. Iowa 2019

Tom Osborne. Johnny Rogers. Mike Rozier. Eric Crouch. Brook Berringer. These are some of the legends I grew up hearing all about. The heart-wrenching 1984 Orange Bowl where we went for 2. The Colorado miracle in ‘97. Osborne’s first championship in ‘94. These legendary games are Just a few of the many I’ve grown to appreciate and look back on. I’ve grown up hearing, “we used to be the best team in the land, and we’ll get there again someday.”

My name is Patrick Grindey and I was born in Omaha, Nebraska. I am currently 18 years old and the greatest Husker teams I’ve had the honor to watch were teams led by Taylor Martinez, Rex Burkhead, Ameer Abdullah . . . well, clearly I haven’t had that much joy in my life. My father is a long-time football coach, and at one point coached in both Omaha and Des Moines. He taught me all there is to know about the game. I’ve played football since I was 5 and all the way through high school. I’m a huge all around sports fan, but football will always reign as number 1. He would tell me countless stories about the 80’s and 90’s how we used to be the “Alabama of football.” I can only dream to see them become as good as they once were.

I eventually moved to Chandler, Arizona where I currently reside. Yes, Sun Devil territory. I know . . . 1996. You guys won’t believe how much they bring that game up. They feel like they have to show the highlight every home game. We get it . . . one upset. Of course, Nebraska eventually would go on to win the Orange Bowl that year and ASU lost to Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

Anyway, Saturdays in the fall have always had a special place in my heart. Whether it was being heartbroken against Colt McCoy in the 2009 Big XII Championship game or cheering so loudly to watch the Huskers come back against Ohio State in 2011, I have seen a fair share of great games. (As of late, they mostly end in heartbreak but that will change).

I have an identical twin brother and older brother 2 years older. I can tell you countless stories of us playing football in the backyard pretending we were Rex Burkhead, and the defender was Lavonte David. (It always ended in a wrestling match, but that’s what made it special). Us three Grindey boys are Huskers through and through.

I will be attending Creighton University in the fall. I know this may disappoint some, but yes I am a Jaysker. For all those Jays fans out there comment below!! However, Huskers before Jays ALWAYS!

I am so excited to join Corn Nation and I can’t wait to write for you all!! I am extremely knowledgeable on the game and I will give in-depth analysis of each game. From post-game reports, to recruiting news, to telling personal stories, I will keep you guys informed!

Readers’ Question:

Should we start Adrian Martinez or start Luke McCaffrey? Or should Coach Frost consider giving the new 4-star recruit, Logan Smothers a chance as starter?