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Of Bangarangs And Daggers Episode 52: Kickin’ It With Former Husker Eric Lueshen

The former kicker for the Nebraska Cornhuskers joins us for a look back at his time at Nebraska, his struggle with teammates’ acceptance and playing time, and a host of other interesting topics.

Nate Olsen

We’re back with another episode of “Of Bangarangs and Daggers.” This week we depart from our usual Nebrasketball coverage and talk with former Nebraska Cornhuskers football player Eric Lueshen. For those of you unfamiliar with Eric’s unique story as a Husker, we encourage you (after listening to this week’s episode of course) to take a look at some of his other SBNation coverage on his time as a Husker over at fellow SBNation website Outsports. You can find some of his writings here and here.

As for the conversation, we talk about a lot of interesting topics in this week’s episode. We start off with how Eric got into football and kicking along with his recruitment while being an out athlete in high school. We also do briefly talk about Eric’s basketball career to keep the pod on topic!

After that we cover a little bit of everything in the interview. Have you ever wondered what it is like as a recruit or a player enduring a coaching change? What about experiencing bowl games as an athlete? How much do athletes interact among other teams? All of this and more is covered by Eric.

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If you would like to talk to Eric yourself about his professional work as a consultant or motivational speaking, please be sure to look him up on social media @ericlueshen for Twitter and Instagram. You can also learn more about LGBT SportsSafe at their website, or on social media via @LGBTSportSafe on Twitter or Instagram.

Editors Note: I mistakenly introduced Eric in the introduction as getting his PhD from the University of Chicago. It was the University of Illinois at Chicago that he received his doctoral degree from.