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Flakes: A Costly Coronavirus Test, Plastic Surgery and the Real-Life ‘Lord of the Flies’

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Photo by Henrique Casinhas/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

It looks like a summer in Canada is on the cards once I leave Mexico. I had considered other ideas but with airlines like Avianca declaring bankruptcy it’s probably best to stay at my parents house and work on things there.

Even if I were to travel somewhere this summer, it looks like it will be costly. Many countries will require that you quarantine yourself for 14 days upon arrival. However in countries like Austria (article below), you can shell out money to get tested on the spot to avoid the 14-day quarantine. Is that something you would consider doing?

This is just the beginning. The tourism industry has been hit the hardest by the novel coronavirus. Airlines will go bankrupt. Hotels will go out of business. Hostels will close their doors. Travel agencies will have to adapt to a new world and so will we. Anyways onto Flakes...

P.S. Zoom Chat will be at the usual time tonight. 9:30ET/8:30CT. See you there.

P.S.S. The last article in Flakes is definitely worth reading.

Frosted Flakes

Husker Backup QB Noah Vedral to Transfer to Rutgers | Football | Corn Nation

Vedral, who backed up Makenzie Milton at Central Florida and Adrian Martinez at Nebraska is looking to be the top dog at his third college stop - Rutgers. As a graduate transfer, he is eligible to play immediately and will have two years of eligibility remaining.

Matt Abdelmassih Named Top 40 Under 40 | Basketball | Corn Nation

ESPN listed their top 40 college basketball coaches all under the age of 40, and the B1G was well represented overall with three coaches on the list. However, what we all actually care about is that the Nebraska Cornhuskers very own assistant coach Matt Abdelmassih came in at No. 22 overall in their rankings.

Mailbag: Will Football See More Parity in 2020 or a Widened Gap at the Top? | Sports | Hail Varsity

Hail Varsity staff members Mike Babcock, Jacob Padilla, Greg Smith, Erin Sorensen and Brandon Vogel tackle your questions about the latest news in Husker Nation.

Padding the Stats: Good Get for Hoiberg to Fill Out 2020 Recruiting Class | Basketball | Hail Varsity

As if his time at Iowa State wasn’t enough proof, what he did in year one at Nebraska from a teaching and Xs-and-Os perspective leaves me no doubt that he’ll get the most out of his team. The question is can he get enough talent to Lincoln for that to matter?

Carriker Chronicles: Jack Stark On His Time at NU, Creating the Unity Council and More | Football | Omaha World-Herald

On Wednesday’s episode, Carriker interviews former Nebraska sports psychologist Dr. Jack Stark about his time with the Huskers, working under Tom Osborne, the creation of the unity council and more.

Scott Frost Talks Conditioning, QBs, Recruiting and the Importance of Husker Football Season | Football | Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska is asking the right questions, Frost said, and trying to figure out the best way to make the right plan. The value of playing college football at Nebraska — presumably with fans — is bigger than the team itself.

Huskers Sign Nic Weidenhorn | Tennis |

The Nebraska men’s tennis team bolstered its ranks on Wednesday when Head Coach Sean Maymi announced the signing of Germany’s Nic Wiedenhorn.

Seven Husker Men’s Gymnasts Named Academic All-Big Ten Honorees | Gymnastics |

Seven Husker men’s gymnasts were named Academic All-Big Ten honorees announced the Big Ten Conference on Monday, May 11. The Big Ten Conference recognized a total of 946 students competing in winter sports.

The Legacy of Jerry Krause, The Villain of ‘The Last Dance’ | Sports | The Ringer

The villain of ‘The Last Dance’ is responsible for dismantling the most iconic dynasty in NBA history. But there’s another part of Krause’s legacy that the documentary fails to acknowledge.


How the U.S. Passport Evolved from Status Symbol to Essential Travel Document | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

Every page of the U.S. passport has been carefully designed, and the document itself has a rich history that traces the development of international travel and who has—or has not—had access to it. Here’s how the U.S. passport has evolved since its inception.

A Low Country Road Trip Full of Life-Changing Food | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

It’s an area that conjures up all sorts of impressions—manicured golf courses on Hilton Head, blue herons stalking prey on Fripp Island, palmettos in swampy humidity. A place whose Native, African, and European cultures have created a unique window into the South.

Vienna Airport Will Test You For Coronavirus For €190 So You Can Skip Quarantine | Travel | Lonely Planet

The airport has now introduced a service where passengers can undergo molecular-biological COVID-19 testing directly on site, and the results will be available within a period of two to three hours. The laboratory is accessible via a roadside entrance, and a specimen is collected using a throat swab. If the test turns out to be negative, no 14-day quarantine in Austria is necessary.

An Empty Lithuanian Airport Has Turned Into a Drive-In Movie Theater | Travel | Lonely Planet

Vilnius airport is taking advantage of the decreased traffic caused by coronavirus travel restrictions to set up a drive-in cinema in its airport apron area, where planes are usually parked, unloaded, refuelled and boarded.

Singapore’s Changi Airport Has Been Named The World’s Best Airport | Travel | Lonely Planet

In April 2019, a stunning new building opened at the airport called Jewel Changi Airport. The 135,700-square-metre complex houses a mirror maze, hedge maze, a viewing deck with a playground and slides, a giant trampoline, a number of restaurants and dining experiences, a hotel, and an indoor forest complete with a waterfall.

A Javanese Dish to Banish the Plague | Travel | BBC

According to legend, when the plague came to the city of Yogyakarta on the Indonesian island of Java, the sultan ordered his citizens to cook sayur lodeh and stay home for 49 days. The plague ended. And so began a practice that continues to this day.

The Indigenous Communities That Predicted Coronavirus | Travel | BBC

For hundreds of years, indigenous groups have warned that destroying the environment leads to disease and adversely affects lives and culture. Is the world now ready to listen?

The Tiny ‘Country’ Between England and Scotland | Travel | BBC

For 300 years, the Debatable Lands flourished as an anarchic no-man’s land; not independent, but too dangerous for either Scotland or England to be able – or want – to take control of.

Can Jackson Hole, Wyoming Save Its Summer Tourism Season | Travel | National Geographic

The town square in Jackson, Wyoming, is quiet. That’s not unusual during the sleepy spring “mud season” when locals usually head out of town, taking a break before the influx of summer tourists. But this year’s quiet is different. Can the summer tourist season be salvaged?

Costa Rica’s Monteverde Faces An Eco-Tourism Crisis | Travel | National Geographic

While Monteverde has no confirmed coronavirus cases, the hardship brought on by the pandemic has been swift and startling. Tourism is a major economic driver in Costa Rica, accounting for roughly 8–9 percent of the country’s GDP in 2019. In places like Monteverde, it’s the only engine.

What It’s Like to Live in Antarctica During the Pandemic | Travel | CNN

Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth, is now considered the “safest place in the world,” with no confirmed cases at all. The region had a close brush with Covid-19 when outbreaks hit the final cruise ships of the season, but the virus didn’t reach its frozen shores.

Stuff You Should Read

Can the Restaurant Industry Be Saved? | Business | Rolling Stone

On March 27th, Congress passed the CARES Act, allocating $350 billion into a Paycheck Protection Program meant to assist small businesses. It was a disaster for independent restaurant owners.

Instacart Was Overwhelmed By Coronavirus Overnight | Business | Bloomberg

The grocery delivery startup added 300,000 workers in eight weeks, but Covid-19 is still overtaking it in more ways than one.

8 Ways Coronavirus Will Change Architecture | Architecture | Architizer Journal

Though we can’t say exactly what the future will look like, we can examine current trends, tactics and concepts that have played huge roles during the pandemic. The following trends may have long lasting impacts on the way cities are designed.

Closest Black Hole to Earth Found ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ | Space | National Geographic

The newly discovered black hole is about 1,011 light-years from our solar system in the star system HR 6819. The invisible object is locked in an orbit with two visible stars. It’s estimated to be about four times the mass of the sun and roughly 2,500 light-years closer than the next black hole.

Your Daily Commute Won’t Ever Be The Same | Cities | National Geographic

Smartphone apps may help decongest trains and buses. And with more people choosing to bike, walk, or work from home, packed train cars have become part of the pre-pandemic lore.

World’s Rarest Seal Finds Refuge on Notorious Greek Prison Island | Animals | National Geographic

Uninhabited and mostly undeveloped due to its history as a prison and naval firing range, the island is wild and rich with sea caves—perfect habitat for these 700-pound beasts.

36,000 Feet Under the Sea | Marine | The New Yorker

Most submarines go down several hundred metres, then across; this one was designed to sink like a stone. It was the shape of a bulging briefcase, with a protruding bulb at the bottom. This was the pressure hull—a titanium sphere, five feet in diameter, which was sealed off from the rest of the submersible and housed the pilot and all his controls.

Plastic Surgery in Brazil: The Dark Side of the ‘Right to Beauty’ | Health | Quartz

In public hospitals, plastic surgeries are free or low-cost, and the government subsidizes nearly half a million surgeries every year. As a medical anthropologist, I’ve spent years studying Brazilian plastic surgery. While many patients are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to become beautiful, the “right to beauty” has a darker side to it.

David Grohl: The Irreplaceable Thrill of the Rock Show | Music | The Atlantic

Where were you planning to be on the Fourth of July this year? I know exactly where I was supposed to be: FedExField, outside Washington, D.C., with my band Foo Fighters and roughly 80,000 of our closest friends. We were going to be celebrating the 25th anniversary of our debut album.

The Real Lord of the Flies: What Happened When Six Boys Were Shipwrecked for 15 Months | Culture | The Guardian

When a group of schoolboys were marooned on an island in 1965, it turned out very differently from William Golding’s bestseller.

Last But Not Least

I can’t believe they humiliated Minnie Mouse like this.

India Gone Wild

Have you ever been this drunk?