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Frosted Flakes: Luke McCaffrey’s Quarantine, a Skateboard Prodigy and Tapir Poop

Also, you missed World Naked Gardening Day. You’ll have to wait until next May to celebrate.

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Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Did you know there was such a thing as World Naked Gardening Day? The event was held on May 2 this year and has become a bit of a worldwide phenomenon.

I do garden a lot, but I have never actually ‘celebrated’ this particular day. It is much better for everyone if it stays that way.

Far North Queensland couple goes viral with World Naked Gardening Day photos - ABC News
From tamer beginnings four years ago, a Cairns couple’s cheeky photos featuring some cleverly placed props become an online sensation.

Frosted Flakes

How Christian McCaffrey and his brothers are staying football-ready
A local park now doubles as a playing field for McCaffrey and his brothers who play quarterback at Michigan and Nebraska.

Some quarterbacks are having their moms run routes in the backyard so they can practice. Then, there’s the McCaffrey family...

Nebraska continues to appear in top groups for recruits
Huskers make three top groups over the weekend

Former Husker baseball player and coach Erstad among those earning degrees Saturday | College |
The former Husker standout athlete and later coach is set to earn his degree in business administration from UNL on Saturday.

Nebraska Football: The Three Most Controversial Thoughts Surrounding the Huskers’ 2020 Season
As the Nebraska Cornhuskers prepare for their third season under Scott Frost, mere hype isnt tolerated. Fans dont want to hear about anyone winning...

Nebraska adds two defensive analysts to football coaching staff | Football |
McGovern recently spent four seasons as an inside linebackers coach with the New York Giants, which also employed Mike Dawson, now the Huskers’ outside linebackers coach, for one year.

Huskers’ new 2020 big man Andre grew up playing soccer, but has fallen in love with hoops | Men’s Basketball |
Eduardo Andre discusses transitioning to hoops as a kid, and how he plans to fit within Fred Hoiberg’s system for the upcoming season.

Huskers go overseas to land Australian punter
The Nebraska football team went overseas to land Australian punter Daniel Cerni who accepted a scholarship to NU.

Raiders, CB Prince Amukamara agree to terms -
A former Giants first-round pick and standout with the Bears, cornerback Prince Amukamara and the Raiders have agreed to terms, NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo and NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported on Tuesday.

It seems like only yesterday, he was locking down half the field at Memorial Stadium. Now, he’s already reached the Raider-y part of his pro career.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Lockdown spurs 11-year-old skateboarder to make history with first 1080-degree turn | Sport | The Guardian
The closure of schools in Brazil due to the coronavirus pandemic gave 11-year-old prodigy Gui Khury plenty of time to perfect his skateboarding skills as he became the first person to land a 1080-degree turn on a vertical ramp

This will not help parents who are trying to keep their kids from skipping Zoom classes.

NCAA considers extension of recruiting dead period | Football |
Along with approving a series of waivers — set to go in effect May 11 — that will make virtual recruiting a little bit easier, the NCAA announced Wednesday that

NCAA won’t mandate uniform return to college sports, Mark Emmert says
The NCAA won’t mandate or oversee a uniform return to college sports, NCAA president Mark Emmert told ESPN on Tuesday, leaving decisions on start dates to state officials and university presidents.

MAC to eliminate postseason tournaments in several sports - Sports Illustrated
The Mid-American Conference will be eliminating postseason tournaments for multiple sports starting in the 2021 season.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Earth's North Magnetic Pole Is Heading Towards Siberia – And Scientists Now Know Why | IFLScience
The North Magnetic Pole is on the run – and scientists might finally know why.

65% of college students would attend class in fall without vaccine - Axios
65% say they would attend in-person classes, even if there is no vaccine or cure.

Survivors On The Parallels Between Polio And Coronavirus Epidemics : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR
There was so little information...

The dirty history of soap
With hand-washing top of mind, soap is an integral part of keeping clean. But people through the ages relied on earlier forms of soap more for cleaning objects than for personal hygiene.

Sinkhole opens near the Pantheon, revealing 2,000-year-old Roman paving stones | Live Science
A sinkhole that opened in front of the Pantheon in Rome has revealed 2,000-year-old stone pavers.

Maria Branyas: 'Oldest woman in Spain' beats coronavirus at 113 - BBC News
Maria Branyas recovers after weeks in isolation, having experienced only mild symptoms.

This Guy Got Hit By Lightning and Became a Concert Pianist - VICE
He hated piano lessons when he was seven...

This tool will tell you when a TV series starts to suck
We needed this before the final season of Game of Thrones

SpaceX Made An ISS Docking Simulator And It's Seriously Fun (And Difficult) - Digg
There's something quite meditative about the whole process — perfect for a work from home afternoon.

Cicadas will emerge in Eastern states after living 17 years underground
The cicadas are coming back. The "Brood IX" will appear in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

Doctors performing CT scan on man with back pain discover he has 3 kidneys: case report | Fox News
A Brazilian man complaining of back pain discovered he had three kidneys after a CT scan.

Another Week, Another Poop Article

Tapirs may be key to reviving the Amazon. All they need to do is poop | Science News
Biodiversity, courtesy of poo

Then There’s This

Taco stand uses remote controlled car to deliver food
A Texas taco restaurant found a creative way to provide contactless service.

Protect Yourself and Help Others

If you find yourself either still needing a face covering or want to add a reusable face covering with some Husker spirit to your collection then be sure to take a look at FoCo’s Nebraska Husker offerings. They are donating a portion of all Husker face coverings to Feeding America so you’re helping yourself and others in more than one way.