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Friday Flakes: Nebraska Football Sellout Streak Likely Will Not Survive the Virus

I hope I am wrong

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NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Tournament-Nebraska vs Indiana Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t kill me. This is just my opinion.

I believe that Memorial Stadium will not sell out the next time they allow fans in the stands for a football game.

When I say this, I mean full capacity. Could they allow 40,000 in and have them sit throughout the stadium with the space? Sure, but that’s not what I am saying.

As long as there is not a vaccine that has been widely distributed throughout the country people will still be very wary about going into a stadium with 90,000 people. I believe there was a soccer stadium in Europe that every person in that stadium ended up testing positive for the virus. I don’t know if that has been debunked or whatever.

I understand that a sell-out doesn’t mean that there will be butts in the stands. It just means that all the tickets were “sold.” Many season ticket holders are on the older end of the spectrum (I feel I am getting closer to that side every day) so they will not be as likely to attend a football game. Are they going to be willing to shell out the dough for games they do not plan on attending?

Some people have said that they could just sell the tickets. I think that would have been easier if we were actually winning, but there have been times over the past few seasons where it was hard to GIVE AWAY tickets.

Earlier this week Mitch Sherman of The Athletic published an informal Nebraska football fan survey and one of the questions he asked:

“Does the current state of the coronavirus pandemic make you less likely to attend Nebraska games in 2020?”

No: 48.1 percent

Yes: 32 percent

Maybe: 19.9 percent

For what it is worth, my answer would be yes.

Check out the rest of the article as he asks some interesting questions.

Going forward I think the real question will be whether the administration values fans in the stands regardless of the number or holding off until they can be sure the sell-out streak stays.

As most questions that need to be answered these days I am glad I’m not making the decision. Though if they want to compensate me then I surely would be willing.*

*Resume and Cover Letter on Request


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