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The Corny Awards Nomination List

We’re looking for your nominations for “best of” this last year.

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The (First Annual?) Corny Awards
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

First, the rules

Below you will find the list of nominations you can make. Please make sure you post clearly in your comment each item you want to make a nomination for with it’s number in the list below (I appreciate that part as I will be compiling them all). Feel free to reply to other’s whatever you want to say about their nomination, but please make your own nomination its own comment. I will aggregate the list and make a ballot for you all to vote on later.

These nominations are for this academic year. Given sports are over for the year already, we will be starting this now, and anything since around mid-June 2019 will then be eligible to be considered.

  1. Best Husker Football Player
  2. Best Husker Football Game
  3. Best Husker football play of the season
  4. Best Husker Volleyball Player
  5. Best Husker Volleyball game of the season
  6. Best Husker Basketball Player
  7. Best Husker Basketball game of the season
  8. Best Women’s Husker Basketball Player
  9. Best Women’s Husker Basketball game of the season
  10. Best Husker wrestler
  11. Best CN Article of the Year Award
  12. Staff Writer of the Year Award
  13. CN Community Newcomer Award
  14. Best Comment of the Year
  15. Best Reply of the Year
  16. Best Podcast

So there you have it. Please make your nominations in the comments below! Alternatively, also feel free to send me an email (listed in my SBNation profile) or send me a tweet or DM on Twitter as well.