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Fan Pulse: Elite 8 Results Are In

The voters have spoken, and the Final Four field is set.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional-Loyola vs Nevada Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The voting continues, and thus we have reached our Final Four in the bracket. Here are you results, and don’t forget to vote for who advances to the championship game!

Thus the Final Four bracket is:

The individual game results via SBNation graphic are:

So there you have it results wise. Of course, in real life I would be driving down to Atlanta after work tonight to attend the Final Four in person again, but alas the novel coronavirus has ruined my dreams for this season. So instead here I am reporting to you all what the results of fan voting are in what will probably reflect a should be vacated title winner result if this were real life, and a not at all real prediction of results if it were real life because Kansas sucks and the cheaters don’t make the Final Four under Bill Self hardly ever anyways. I’ll give any Kansas fan out there reading this 15 fake seconds to respond to my accusation if they can hop in time back to 1986 to give their cheating bag man their defense via text message to the FBI for evidence.