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Corn Nation Movie Night: Hook! Hook! Hook!


Well, we threw some older films for this weeks movie night pick’em post. I honestly was not sure which movie was going to win. I’ve got an idea of how our readers operate, but things change over time.

So, we are going back to 1991 tonight. Yes, we will be watching the Dustin Hoffman/Robin Williams classic Hook!

At least from what I remember it was a classic? I have not seen since I was a kid so I’m not sure how well it has held up.

As with the other showings, the guidelines are as follows:

  1. It will start at 8:00pm CST
  2. It is on Netflix so click here or put in your DVD/VHS/Laser Disk into the player.
  3. We will all press play at that time (Again, 8:00pm CT; 9 pm ET)
  4. Comment in the comment’s section below as the move goes on.
  5. Timeliness is everything with this but don’t worry if you are a little bit late. If anything, you can always jump in and ask where we are in the film and fast forward up to it if you so chose.