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Frosted Flakes: Nebraska High School Seniors Get Virtual Prom from Al Roker and the Today Show

It was a nice celebration for kids that are missing out on their lasts.

Today - Season 69 Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Seniors from DC West High School in Valley, Nebraska were treated to a virtual prom with Al Roker. This was the first event for the Today Show’s plan to honor the seniors of 2020 across the nation.

When I watched this segment yesterday, I found myself feeling so happy for these students and a little bit choked up. I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling this way. Other than the fact that they live in Nebraska, I have no connection to them.

As I reflected on this throughout the day, I realized that those strong emotions come from pride in the people of this country. People are coming together to help each other in so many ways and it’s touching.

To some, what these seniors are missing may not seem like a lot. But I remember my senior year and this part of the year was my favorite. Spending time with my friends and classmates and celebrating 13 years of school and a bright future ahead of us was everything. If all of those things would’ve been cancelled or postponed, I would’ve been devastated.

I think the virtual proms, cruise nights, adopt-a-senior, yard signs, banners, card showers, and all other things that people are coming together to do for these seniors is amazing. Eventually these kids will get their parties, but until then things like this let them know that people care.


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