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Nebraska Recruiting: Branson Yager Breaks Commitment Drought!

Big Man From Big Town in Utah With Big News


Big news from the land of Big Living Things!

It is hard, hard, hard to pull the big units away from Mama’s cooking, but the Nebraska Cornhusker coaching staff has done it! Branson Yager, a 6-7 332lb offensive lineman from Grantsville, Utah has announced his commitment to the Huskers! Branson had a top group including BYU, Cal and Iowa State. The coaching staff tendered his commitable offer in mid-March, and he didn’t waste any time making his decision.

Let me tell you something. When I saw a commitment from an unranked lineman without an offer from Utah or Utah State, I was a little skeptical. But take the time to watch the tape. This kid moves really, really well for 332 pounds. He has active feet and they don’t get sticky when he engages with a defender. He’s very strong, but hasn’t let that make him lazy about technique. His hands are in the right places and his hips are in the right places. He pancakes the defender, then gets right up and heads downfield, and has speed enough to make a difference at the second and third levels. He plays both sides of the ball, which I like because it adds football smarts. Also, he has performed long snapper duties, so there’s a saved scholarship for another outside linebacker! This kid has real potential, and that’s not me trying to sell you hopes and dreams. I really like this commitment, regardless of its effect on the class ranking.

Welcome to the Husker Family, Branson! GBR!