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2020 NFL Draft: Defensive Lineman Khalil Davis Goes to Tampa Bay with the 194th Pick

An athletic big man gets his shot in the league

Colorado v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

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Khalil Davis is heading to play with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. Oh, he’ll also be teamed up with Ndamukong Suh and Lavonte David.

K Davis is a four year letterwinner in both football and track. He was an All-American in track (honorable mention - discus) and All Big Ten in football (3rd team - coaches).

Here’s the really interesting numbers.

He was recruited by one head coach (Pelini) but played for two others (Riley and Frost). The defensive coordinators and defensive line coaches he played for in five years as a Husker:

  • 2015 (redshirt). Defensive coordinator - Mark Banker; Defensive line coach - Hank Hughes
  • 2016 (r-freshman). DC - Mark Banker; DL coach - John Parella
  • 2017 (sophomore). DC - Bob Diaco; DL - John Parella
  • 2018 (junior). DC - Erik Chinander; DL - Mike Dawson
  • 2019 (senior). DC - Erik Chinander; DL - Tony Tuioti

That is three different defensive coordinators and four different line coaches. Khalil Davis has never played for the same combination of DC and DL coach any year at Nebraska.

So Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fans, What Are You Getting?

Your team is getting a talented athlete in a big man’s body.

He was suspended one game in the 2019 season for a cheap hit during the Ohio State game, but I don’t know of any significant or long-term issues that would be real locker room concerns. He was a full-time starter only during his senior season - something that draft scouts have knocked him for. Additionally, he doesn’t have ideal size for a d-tackle (6-2 and short arms, relatively speaking).

If your team is looking for a project to develop and has some consistency in coaching for the next 2-3 years, you could be getting a diamond in the rough. You can’t coach speed or athleticism and K Davis has that in spades.

Those of us in Husker Nation certainly wish Khalil the best!