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Friday Flakes: National Coverage of Frost’s Joe Burrow Comment Lacks Needed Context

Sometimes some nuance is needed

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NFL: NFL Draft Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

It is all about framing the story. So this is the type of story ESPN decided to START with after Joe Burrow was drafted #1.

Without any context it appears that Nebraska had the opportunity to have a ready-made Heisman Trophy Winning Quarterback. When presented with that opportunity Scott Frost looked at his then current quarterback room and laughed because what he had was obviously better than a ready-made Heisman Trophy Winning Quarterback.

The reality is, however that when Joe Burrow wanted to transfer to Nebraska that he was not a Heisman trophy candidate. He in fact lost a quarterback battle at Ohio State. Then he went to LSU and had a below average first year. Burrow even said as much. He blew up his second year and then won the Heisman.

However, everybody focuses on the quote from Scott Frost.

“Is he better than what we got?”

ESPN Trey Wingo: “Uh, the answer is yes.”

I do understand that the Frost quote makes a much better story. That is what you want with the first pick in the NFL Draft. However, here is some context to that Scott Frost quote.

Like with most things, some context and nuance can go a long way.

Sports!? Sports! Sports!

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