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Corny Awards: Vote Now!!!

Your nominations have been made, and now it is time to vote for the winner of each Corny Award category!

Indian Rural Life Photo by STR/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Vote here!

The nominations have been made for the following categories:

  1. Best Husker Football Player
  2. Best Husker Football Game
  3. Best Husker football play of the season
  4. Best Husker Volleyball Player
  5. Best Husker Volleyball game of the season
  6. Best Husker Basketball Player
  7. Best Husker Basketball game of the season
  8. Best Women’s Husker Basketball Player
  9. Best Women’s Husker Basketball game of the season
  10. Best Husker wrestler
  11. Best CN Article of the Year Award
  12. Staff Writer of the Year Award
  13. CN Community Newcomer Award
  14. Best Podcast

Vote here!

Please be sure to go in and cast your vote now for each category and we will announce the winners of the first ever Corny Awards here at Corn Nation! Winner gets a lifetime supply of [imaginary] corn cobs as their prize.

Seriously, vote here now!

If you haven’t finished and want to go back and change your answer it will save your votes and you can change them as long as the survey is active and you have not clicked “Submit” at the end. We will keep it open for a week or so to allow you all time to vote. The email at the beginning is entirely optional and not mandatory to participate.