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Frosted Flakes: Happy Earth Day!

How often do you wash your hair and what is “Hey Jude” worth to you?

Roscosmos Mission Control Center broadcasting Soyuz MS-13 spacecraft undock from ISS and head to Earth Photo by Mikhail Japaridze\TASS via Getty Images

On April 22, 1970 humans celebrated the very first Earth Day. This statement may provoke exasperated sighs from some, a vigorous “every day should be Earth Day!” from others and a big “meh” from still others.

As someone who comes from a long line of farmers, I probably see Earth Day a little differently than those [who would be were it not for a pandemic] holding signs in the Mall at Washington D.C. or organizing trash pickups.

I applaud those efforts. It is important to take care of this one planet we were given.

For me, it is a bit more personal.

It is eagerly awaiting the soil test result to see if the changes we made increased the organic matter and other indicators of healthy soil.

It is planting 1200 trees [20 years ago] into difficult conditions and struggling to keep them watered and alive - and failing in some areas. Working to improve the soil. Replanting those areas and replanting some more until there are only a few patches remaining that still can’t grow a tree.

The past two years, those trees have saved dozens of cattle from freezing when wet, cold April blizzards came through at peak calving time.

Earth Day is walking through those trees seeing calves curled up, warm and dry underneath, with not a single needle moving on the inner row of trees. At the same time 40+ mph winds raged 100 feet away as the outer rows of trees absorbed the storm.

Today is predicted to be nearly 80 degrees here. No need to worry about a blizzard for the moment.

But we probably will walk the road ditches. Directed health measures mean the bars are closed. This seems to be correlated to an increase in beer cans showing up in our road ditch. We recently found an entire garbage bag of ping pong balls too.

Maybe, I’ll even make a sign for the truck as we walk and pick up trash.

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!

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