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Texas vs USC 2006 Rose Bowl Rebroadcast SB Nation Watch Party

Join the Banner Society Slack room to interact with other SB Nation communities tonight

NCAA Football - The Rose Bowl Game Presented by Citi - USC vs Texas Photo by Scott Clarke/WireImage

Yes, it’s Texas. I’m presenting this to you anyway.

SB Nation’s Banner Society is opening up its Slack room to hold a watch party for one of the most exciting college football games ever.

At 8 PM ET, 7 PM CT (God’s Time Zone) ESPN will rebroadcast the 2006 Rose Bowl between USC and Texas. Our Texas and USC sites have both written about this game and are encouraging people to rewatch with them. Our pals at Banner Society will also be rewatching this game, and will open up their Slack room so we can all make jokes and complain about Texas.

If you’d like to join the Slack, please fill out this form:

It sounds like ESPN is going to do this each Thursday. Next week will be the “Spot” (which was good) game between Ohio State and Michigan.

Feel free to comment here too during the rebroadcast.