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Five Heart Podcast Episode 173: The 1992 Nebraska/Colorado Football Game

This week on the show, the Tripod relives Nebraska’s 52-7 win over the Colorado Buffaloes.

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Calvin Jones
Calvin Jones, A “We Back” with Derek Brown

This week on the first of several episodes of its kind over the coming weeks and months as we watch an old game and then discuss them on the show.

This week, we’re starting with a recommendation from our very own Hoss Reuter. He suggested the ‘92 Husker-Colorado game, available on YouTube. And then I (Greg) was the only one who actually watched the game. So we break down the game a little bit.

If nothing else, stick around after the break because Jon breaks all of our hearts. Damn Jon.

[Jon’s Notes]

I recall what I can. Going into the ‘92 game, we were all tense. Both teams were rated #8. Then that game happened! WOOOOOOOOO!

Greg asks me stuff like “You were alive, do you remember what lead up to this game?”


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Brian Towle
Greg Mehochko
Hoss Reuter

After this podcast was over, I asked my beautiful wife about it.



I have made some good choices in my life. Wife. Kids.

You know what she didn’t say?

“That Iowa State Policeman was a doucebag.”