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Nebraska Football Virtual Spring Game Rosters Are Set - NOW ARGUE!

It could be fun. Right now, it’s the only thing we have.

Memorial Stadium Gate

I cannot express how sad I am that Nebraska will not be having a real spring game this Saturday. I was looking forward to being there with a camera, talking to fellow Nebraskans regarding our beloved Huskers, their lives, and our fortunes as we all stick together in all kinds of weather.

Alas, it is not to be.

Instead, we will have a virtual spring game that will feature legendary Husker players.

Husker fans can watch Saturday at 1 p.m. on Facebook, Twitter or Twitch. Full info here.


Here are your spring game rosters with football celebrities galore.

The Red Team!

For people who are old and blind (like me), the roster break down is as follows:


  • Quarterback: Tommie Frazier
  • Receivers: Irving Fryar, Kenny Bell
  • Running Backs: Mike Rozier, Ameer Abdullah
  • Fullback: Joel Makovika
  • Tight End: Junior Miller
  • Tackles: Zach Weigert, Marvin Crenshaw
  • Guards: Aaron Taylor, Bob Brown
  • Center: Dominic Raiola
  • All-Purpose: Rex Burkhead
  • Returner: Bobby Newcombe
  • Punter: Sam Koch
  • Placekicker: Kris Brown


  • Defensive End: Grant Wistrom
  • Defensive Tackles: Larry Jacobson, Jason Peter
  • Defensive End/Outside Linebacker: Trev Alberts
  • Linebackers: Demorrio Williams, Barrett Ruud, Jerry Murtaugh
  • Cornerbacks: Keyuo Craver, Prince Amukamara
  • Safeties: Nate Gerry, Josh Bullocks

The White Team!


  • Quarterback: Eric Crouch
  • Receivers: Johnny Rodgers, Stanley Morgan Jr
  • Running Backs: Ahman Green, Jeff Kinney
  • Fullback: Corey Schlesinger
  • Tight End: Matt Herian
  • Tackles: Daryl White, Kevin Clark
  • Guards Will Shields, Dean Steinkuhler
  • Center: Dave Rimington
  • All-Purpose: Nate Swift
  • Returner: DeJuan Groce
  • Punter: Sam Foltz
  • Place Kicker: Alex Henery


  • Defensive End: Willie Harper
  • Defensive Tackles: Rick Glover, Ndamukong Suh
  • Defensive End/Outside Linebacker: Broderick Thomas
  • Linebackers: Ed Stewart, LaVonte David, Carlos Polk,
  • Cornerbacks: Ralph Brown, Fabian Washington
  • Safeties: Mike Minter, Mike Brown



We assume that we have the FULL GAMUT of offensive schemes available. People tend to think vintage Nebraska football as being triple option based, but that’s a small microcosm of possibilities. I know there’s RUN THE BALL OUT OF THE I-FORMATION WITH A FULLBACK guy, but imagine running spread with zone read, inverted veer and you could have a wonderful time.

Imagine Johnny Rodgers running the offense Wan’Dale Robinson is a part of now, that’s what I’m saying.

The interior offensive line of the White Team - Rimington, Shields, and Steinkuhler - will be unstoppable. They’re going up against Jason Peter, Larry Jacobson and Barrett Rudd in the middle.

I realize you couldn’t keep Tommie Frazier off this roster, but swapping Turner Gill in for him (maybe like TO did with Frazier and Brook Berringer) and you got the ‘83 Scoring Explosion Triplets back together again.

Rich Glover (the man who had 22 tackles against Oklahoma in the 1971 “Game of the Century”) and Ndamukong Suh next to each other on the White Defensive line? EGAD!

Then you have White’s defensive backfield - Minter, two Browns and a Washington. Red is going to need a great ground game and connect on some play-action stuff. White has to be favored in this game.

Where the hell is Johnny Mitchell? WHERE? Mitchell was the best tight end in school history, period.

And what about Tom Rathman?

So many good players over the years, I guess someone had to be left out. Roger Craig, for example. Rick Berns. They could have made a full two rosters of offense with nothing but running backs and we would have all pooped ourselves at the names.

How many of you are interested in watching?