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Kopi Luwak Coffee & Frosted Flakes

Let’s go with expensive coffee along with your basic cereal this morning

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Kopi Luwak Farm In Bali

There has been a lot of talk lately on whether we are going to see sports come back any time soon. This is fully understandable in our current situation. More particularly, college sports. Even deeper in to that zeitgeist, college football.

I’m here as a basketball writer. So, I should probably stick to my sport (an even deeper dive into the “stick to sports” argument). However, it is hard not to see that football runs this state and to be honest this country. The number one money maker league is the NFL. The second is MLB. I am sure the fact that baseball teams play 389 games a year has something to do with it. But I digress...

There are a lot of “ifs” that are involved with all of it. Determining the correct course of action will be tough. A lot of variables are going to be involved. Keeping the virus contained, student athlete welfare, and the economics behind it all are just a few things the powers that be are working on right now. The next few months are most likely going to determine the next few years of all sports. Whatever is decided will be a domino effect for all sports across the board.

While it is fun to speculate and try and figure out what will happen, it is also out of our hands. The decisions that will be made are all out of our control, the fans.

I’ve spent the last three and a half years working on my career and more importantly helping raise my family. In that time my life has gone from watching and writing about sports to trying to just keep up with it all. I went from going to almost all Husker football games a year and a majority of the basketball games to maybe one or two. My priorities and focus have changed.

My point is this, there is a good chance there will not be sports anytime soon. That’s the doom and gloom view of this. While that may be the doom and gloom side, it also may be the best route for our country. If that happens, we will all need to adapt, Find new areas to focus on. Waiting for sports to come back. If and when sports do come back, it might very well be a slow and gradual trickle. That Husker game you had been waiting to see might be on the tv for the first few games. It is better than nothing, but still will be an adjustment.

So, until the grand masters of the sporting world come up with a plan for the future of athletics, I suggest we maybe start figuring out what we can do to fill that hole in our lives that sports once filled. I’m not saying forever. But we as people need something there. You can’t just take something away and expect it to be okay. My point of bringing my changes of priorities up was that there is quite possibly something in your life that you can refocus on that will get you though these times.

The ability to move on to something else can be tough. There are only so many “classic” games you can watch. ESPN has only so many 30 for 30 episodes in the can. Rudy is not that good of a movie.

Sorry, that last one was just me rambling.

Until sports come back, we will be here writing so please keep reading. But, we can’t fill the void that sports has left. It’s up to you to fill that. Right now the entire country is trying to fill that void. I have a family, friends, and probably too many hobbies to fill my time. Hopefully you have something too.

We can only control what is in our grasp. To do anything else will only make you crazy and most likely waste time. Do something constructive and positive for you and those around you. I’m not saying you have to, but this pandemic gives you the perfect reason to do so. Mainly because you have very little to distract you from completing those goals.

So, get out there and find something, anything to fill that void. The world is most likely going to be a different place when this is all said and done. How do you want to come out of this? Will Husker sports be the big daddy of the state when we get through this? More importantly, will Husker football? I assume it will be, but to what extent? Will it still have the pull it did before all of this happened? Can it even have that type of power? Will the support, money, and fans still be there?

All out of our hands right now. Focus on what you can.

Anyway, on to flakes...

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