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Nebraska Wrestling’s 165-pound Outlook

Someone needs to move up to 165. Who will it be?

Senior All-American Isaiah White will be tough to replace. Can the Huskers get creative to fill the void?
Jon Johnston / Corn Nation

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Who’s Leaving?

* Senior Isaiah White (3-year starter, All-American)

Who’s Coming Back?

*Grades representative of upcoming 2020-21 season

* Redshirt Sophomore Peyton Robb (2019-20 starter at 157 pounds)

* Senior Dalton Peters

* Redshirt Freshman John Henrich

* Redshirt Freshman Bubba Wilson (2019-20 redshirt at 157 pounds)

New Arrivals?

*Recruiting rankings from InterMat

* No incoming recruits


The impact of losing All-American Isaiah White cannot be understated. The Chicago native compiled a 70-21 record in three years as a Husker after transferring from Notre Dame College where he won the 2017 Division II National Championship. He was a two-time champ at the Cliff Keen Invitational, one of the toughest midseason tournaments in the country.

The void becomes even larger when you consider that Nebraska only has two returners at this weight with no incoming recruits. So, as I said in my 157-pound preview, I anticipate sophomore-to-be Peyton Robb to move up to 165 pounds to fill this spot for years to come. In his first year starting, Robb went 20-6 overall with a third-place finish at the Big Ten Championships. Robb is another Husker that was peaking going into the NCAA tournament that ended up being canceled. I expect big things from Robb no matter what weight he ends up at.

Behind Robb, there’s senior Dalton Peters and redshirt freshman John Henrich. Peters went 5-4 as a junior with an 0-2 record in dual competition, so I don’t see him being a viable option here as a starter.

Henrich is coming off a redshirt season where he went 2-4. Despite being a hot recruit out of Iowa, Henrich looks more like a developmental prospect at this point.

I do see it as possible that Robb stays at 157 and competes there while redshirt freshman Bubba Wilson moves up to 165. Wilson, who went 19-1 during his redshirt season, was projected as a future 165-pounder out of high school. Either way, in my opinion, the starters at 157 and 165 will be Peyton Robb and Bubba Wilson. Who goes where? That’s really anyone’s guess right now.


If Robb moves up, I see him manning this spot for years. He’s that good, and I see this as his ideal weight for his career. Behind him, I see Henrich beating out Peters for the backup spot. If Robb doesn’t move up to 165, you’ll see Bubba Wilson moving up from 157. This weight class is just too thin to not add some competition from below.

Projected Depth Chart

  1. Peyton Robb (R-Soph.) -OR- Bubba Wilson (R-Fr.)
  2. John Henrich (R-Fr.)
  3. Dalton Peters (Sr.)