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Corn Nation Movie Night: Clerks

A bunch of savages in this town...

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Well, this week we have a tie.

Both Yoga Hosers and Clerks received 18% of the vote. So, I was going to say we watch both tonight. However, Amazon pulled Yoga Hosers from their subscriber watch list today and it is now $3.99 to rent. I was hoping it was going to be a part of subscription services, but alas the universe has other plans for our night.

So......I’m going to make and executive decision and we are watching Clerks! The film that started it all. As much as I would have liked to watched Yoga Hosers, I believe the better film viewing pleasure would be with Clerks. You can watch it on either Amazon Prime or Hulu with a 7 day free trial of Cinemax. The links for both are below.

Yep, this weeks viewing pleasure is much more complicated than I anticipated. That’s what I get for trying to bring the mind of Kevin Smith to the masses.

Please feel free to drop as many Clerks quotes in the comments section. In fact, it’s mandatory.

As with the other showings, the guidelines are as follows:

  1. It will start at 8:00pm CST
  2. It is on Amazon Prime Or Hulu (you will need to pay for the Cinemax add on. You can do a 7 day free trial) or put in your DVD/VHS/Laser Disk into the player.
  3. We will all press play at that time (Again, 8:00pm CT; 9 pm ET)
  4. Comment in the comment’s section below as the move goes on.
  5. Timeliness is everything with this but don’t worry if you are a little bit late. If anything, you can always jump in and ask where we are in the film and fast forward up to it if you so chose.