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Frosted Flakes: Homeschool Barbers, Message in a Bottle, and Your Excuse to Get Out of the House?

We are all coping the best we can, some people run, others groom dogs and others write articles about how we don’t need toiler paper anyway.

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GENERAL INFORMATION: St. Paul, Mn., Fri., Jan. 5, 2001—The Land O’Lakes Kennel Club winter dog show at the River Centre. IN THIS PHOTO: Bored by the grooming process, “Hailey”, an 8 month old Alaskan malamute, gives a wide yawn as Teri Mullins fluffs h

Homeschool Diaries - teacher’s log April 1

We put an emphasis on physical education, health and hygiene for yesterday’s enrichment lesson. No, we’re not talking handwashing. Instead, the Ranchhands decided to “groom” the loyal farm dog.

Loyal Farm Dog is a cross between an Australian Sheperd and a Border Collie. She definitely inherited the Border Collie hair growth genes. Every spring she develops some matted areas of hair no matter how much we try to brush her. A clipper is necessary to clear up the mess. Farm Dog despises having her hindquarters groomed - only Ranchhand 1 had the persuasive powers to get her to stand still...until we discovered a new carrot.

Backstory: With me being locked up with four males who are loud (Ranchdude is a feed salesman who is taking or making calls all day long), slobs (all the males fit this category) and hungry (the Ranchhands are all teenagers) has messed up my peaceful and productive home office existence. To work out the stress, I’ve started running again.

Somehow, Loyal Farm Dog knew that I was going running just by looking at me through the front door sidelights. I have no idea how she knew, but she was more riveted in her ‘people watching’ than normal. As a result, the younger ranchhands were able to cut off all the nasty dead hair and get the dog cleaned up while I pretended to tie my running shoes for 10 minutes.

If I moved to get up before they were done, I heard a yell from outside the door, “No! Stay there!” So, I kept “tying” my shoes until their work was done.

Once I was given the all-clear to go outside, everyone was happy. Loyal Farm Dog got a “running” partner (it really doesn’t matter if I am running or walking because she is way faster than me, but she gets more excited when I run). I got to work out some frustrations. The Ranchhands were pretty darn proud of their efforts as dog groomers. Some lucky robins have a pile of farm dog fur for nest building.

Let’s just hope the pandemic lockdown is over before the Ranchhands entertain themselves by cutting each other’s hair.

So, how are you working through your stress during this really difficult time in human history? As always, I hope you are all well and are finding your way through this crazy path we’ve been set upon.

Frosted Flakes

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Another Week - Another Poop Article

At least we’re keeping these regular

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Then There’s This

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