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Nebrasketball: Cam Mack Involved in Hit and Run Accident

Starting point guard Mack suspension was announced for the Michigan game after being in a hit and run accident Wednesday morning.

Nebraska v Maryland Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Something about the Michigan Wolverines-Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball series this season is having an effect on players’ driving skills. Michigan’s starting point guard Zavier Simpson served a one game suspension when the teams first played in Lincoln after a one car accident where he totaled Michigan Athletic Director Warde Manuel’s wife’s SUV and attempted to lie to police about who was driving. Fast forward to the rematch in Ann Arbor and Nebraska’s starting point guard Cam Mack was involved in a low speed collision in which he rear ended another car when traffic slowed for a truck making a turn and drove off without stopping to exchange information.

Mack, while driving north on North 27th Street in his 2011 Mercedes, failed to slow his vehicle in time to avoid a low-speed, rear-end collision with a 2015 Toyota Camry when traffic slowed for a truck turning into a driveway between Fairfield Street and Old Dairy Road. Mack proceeded to drive away without stopping to speak with the driver of the Toyota who then followed him to copy his license plate and reported it to police. Lincoln Police later identified and spoke with Mack who told them he thought he was able to avoid any collision with the other car and that is why he did not stop. However, police report both vehicles had minor damage and ticketed Mack for suspected negligent driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

Cam Mack was reported as suspended for a violation of team rules roughly an hour and a half before tip-off. This is the fourth time this season Mack has faced disciplinary action. Mack was kept out of the starting line-up in three prior games, and missed the Illinois game in Champaign due to illness. However, it is unclear if the accident Mack was involved in just before noon local time Wednesday was the reason he was suspended for the Michigan game or if the decision was made prior to the accident. Also no word yet on Mack’s status for Sunday’s regular season finale at Minnesota.