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Nebrasketball: Fan Pulse Week 15

Not enough of you are filling out your ballot.

Nebraska v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

We don’t have a confidence graphic again this week, but that’s actually all of you’s fault. You see, when not enough of you fill out the ballot you promised to each week, they don’t make the graphic. So for the jokes about SBNation not caring about our Nebraska Cornhuskers I have made it was really every last one of you. This is me shaming you, so feel shamed. I don’t have a cool line graph graphic yet again this week to show you, and it is all your fault. Oh, but enough of you did vote for the data to go up for the third straight week, and it increased by three percent to 63% this week.

You know who does have a graphic? The final opponent of the regular season, the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Here is their fan confidence:

Here are the other poll questions from this week that none of you voted in, either.

And there you have it folks, the poll results from this week’s fan pulse. The long nightmare that is this season is almost over for Nebraska.