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Frosted Flakes: State Basketball, NFL Combine and Wash Your Hands!

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Owning an expensive car makes you a jerk. Science says so.

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Nebraska v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

First things first...Ranchhand 2’s basketball team is going to the state tournament!!!

OK. Next.

Four Huskers were invited to the NFL combine. Cornerback Lamar Jackson and defensive linemen Khalil Davis, Carlos Davis and Darrion Daniels.

Jackson got the most attention for, well, having the name Lamar Jackson. He didn’t “wow” with speed or strength, posting a 4.58 in the 40 yard dash and 10 reps in the bench press. He did fairly well in the vertical jump (36.5). Where some team will be unable to resist Lamar is in the fact that he was the tallest CB at the combine at 6’2”.

Khalil Davis and Carlos Davis got a lot of attention for being twins, but also being fast, strong and athletic big men - who happen to be twins. Khalil ran a 4.75 in the 40, which is the fastest time ever recorded for a man over 300 lbs. He also put up 32 reps on the bench press, which was second best among DL at the combine. His height and wingspan are going to give some teams pause. Carlos impressed with his 40 yard dash, running 4.82. That was third for 2020 (players over 300 lb) but still ranks among the five or six best times ever by a 300+ lb man. His 27 reps in the bench press tied for 10th at the combine.

Khalil may have worked himself into a mid-round pick - his Pro Day results will be watched closely to see if he can replicate that performance. Carlos also helped his draft stock, but this draft class is said to be insanely deep at DL. He could make his way onto a team’s board or he could get lost in the shuffle.

Darrion Daniels slimmed down a bit for the combine, weighing in at 311 (My memory says he played at 320-330 at Nebraska). He has the character and football smarts to impress some team who needs a nose tackle or is looking for a player to develop along the DL. Again, with the deep DL draft class, it is hard to guess right now if he’ll hear his name called or if he’ll have to go the free agent route.

Nebraska’s Pro Day is March 12.

Huskers at the NFL Combine
A quartet of Nebraska football players took part in the NFL Combine in Indianapolis over the weekend, with defensive linemen Khalil and Carlos Davis impressing with their numbers in workouts.

Frosted Flakes

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