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CornNation Stuck At Home: Our Staff’s Favorite Movie and TV Show

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Kudos to Jeff Goodman, college basketball writer for Stadium, as he ask all 342 of the Division 1 college basketball coaches and asked what is their favorite television show and and their favorite movie.

337 responded. Including Nebraska’s Fred Hoiberg.

Check it out here.

In that same vein, we wanted to join in and let you know each member of Corn Nation’s favorite television show and movie.

We gotta start with Jon right?

After checking these out, let us know about yours.


Movie: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
TV Show: Star Trek

Kevin (SpartyOnHuskers)

Movie: Love, Simon
TV Show: West Wing

I keep rewatching the Marvel movies for something to do, but am a big fan of “Love, Simon.” I always go back and binge watch The West Wing when I don’t want to find something new.


Movie: Bridesmaids
TV Show: New Girl

This is tough. I feel like I only watch kids movies anymore. I’m going with Bridesmaids because I still think it’s hilarious. I watched all the seasons of New Girl when the series was still on air, but I binge episodes on Netflix frequently.


Movie: The Seventh Seal TV Show: Twin Peaks

I really don’t have a favorite show or movie. These are just two that I have really enjoyed over time. I don’t really re-watch much stuff and I’m not a fan of binge watching so I’m not much help here.

Nate M.

Movie: Back to the Future Trilogy
TV Show: Scrubs


Movie: A movie I might try to convince the kids to watch one of these night - Ruthless People
TV Show: Dr. Who

I don’t watch much TV or many movies. When I do, it is usually something that appeals to the male teenagers in the house. But there are a few things I enjoy.


Movie: The Princess Bride
TV Show: Forged in Fire

My favorite movie of all time would have to be The Princess Bride. To be a really good, no great, movie, is to be one that leaves you sad. Not because of the ending, but that it has ended, and you can't be in that world anymore until the next time you watch it. Princess Bride is the penultimate example of that for me.

Currently, this would be Forged in Fire. I love watching the process of forging, and there's enough other stuff that my wife doesn't get bored and ask to change it to murder shows.