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Friday Flakes: Blackshirts Going “Back to the Basics”

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Fun. Super awesome. Couldn’t be happier. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Yay.

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Nebraska Spring Game Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I’m not exactly enthused by the news that Nebraska football is going to try and get back to the basics.

I get it though. If you don’t have to think, then all you have to do is react. See your read. Do your job.

From Brian Christopherson of Nebraska 24/7 on his round-table article with Coach Erik Chinander he said the following about what their plans going into the spring:

Chinander explained during the interview that the plan going into the spring was to install less. “We’re going to get really good at the things we want to get good at. We’re going to get people good at playing different positions. We want to play fast and we want to play physical and we want to have great knowledge of the system so we can communicate and have proper leverage in tackling, and the guys can fly around a little bit more.”

I suggest reading the entire article, there is a lot there. Frost even had some things to say about the offense.

Ideally the “get good at the basics” should have happened in year one. A little less ideally, it should have happened in year two. Definitely not ideally, it ended up happening in year three.

Maybe in a way this is the coaching staff admitting that they made a mistake by trying to install too much offense/defense.

So with that plan it appears that losing spring football is going to be really tough on Nebraska compared to other programs that have an established mentality and understanding of their system.

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Sports! Sports! Sports!

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