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Fan Pulse: Second Round Results

Seriously, YOU NEED TO VOTE IN THIS AGAINST KANSAS AND MICHIGAN! Or else we are no longer “internet friends.”

Nebraska v Indiana
Coach Hoiberg and Coach Frost both agree: You HATE NEBRASKA if you don’t vote against Kansas and Michigan in the Fan Pulse poll,
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

In case you haven’t been checking your email lately, SBNation has started running fan votes to determine who would have won the NCAA tournament via Fan Pulse voting. The last tournament bracket made by SBNation prior to conference tournament cancellation is the determination for who is paired against who, what their seed is, their region, etc.

The first round voting determined who made it through the first game that is such a struggle for the Huskers. So now that brings us to the second round results below:

As for the Big Ten, the fan votes are thus:


Almost a 60-40 split against Michigan.

Eh, this might be a bit of a hot take strictly because Virginia defense has a tendency to make opposing offenses look almost as bad as their’s. You know what though? That abomination the Cavs pretend is basketball losing is generally a positive to me, though, so no actual complaints.

There you have it for fan votes in the second round. Sweet 16 voting is active, so be sure to fill out your fan pulse survey!