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Frosted Flakes: Homeschooling, Virtual Tours and the Best Twitter Account in the World Right Now

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Everyone is handling this in their own way. I hope you are well and can enjoy a laugh from this motley collection.

Online Courses For Pupils As People Are On Lockdown Due To Covid-19 Massive Outbreak Photo by Alain Pitton/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Homeschool Diaries: Teacher’s Log, March 25

Today’s lesson centered around outdoor activities. I provided the students with a chain saw. We have three chainsaws, but one seems to be enough to enforce social distancing. Don’t worry, I insisted they wear safety glasses. Mulberry trees growing in the road ditch are now raw materials for a future chemistry lesson centered on the topic of combustion.

I have applied for my industrial arts endorsement but have yet to hear from the certification board.

Today’s lesson is about recycling, entrepreneurship and driver’s education. A pile of metal objects that are no longer useful were loaded into a pickup. They will be delivered to a local business in return for a small amount of compensation.

For this lesson, I am providing hand sanitizer since the students are venturing away from the confines of the ranch, but I am unsure how they will apply it since they will be wearing leather gloves.

Maybe I’ll send the safety glasses too.

I don’t understand why the certification board hasn’t responded yet but am eagerly awaiting their reply.

Frosted Flakes

Spring snapshot: For Husker QBs, eyes (and making up for lost time) will be critical when action resumes | Huskers |
Head coach Scott Frost made it clear at the outset of spring ball that there would be a competition for the job, and that Martinez entered spring with the lead.

Vokolek seems important piece when Husker football resumes
After a year of sitting out after transferring to Nebraska from Rutgers, Vokolek began spring football with the chance to show he’s one of the Huskers’ top dogs in the tight end room.

2019-20 Nebraska Season Review - RIVER COUNTRY - NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA
The Nebraska women’s basketball team produced gains on and off the court throughout 2019-20, but the Huskers had their season come to a premature close because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Huskers Eyeing Another Linebacker Commit From Georgia | Sandhills Express
Hopson put NU in his top group over the weekend along with Georgia Tech, Indiana, Duke, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Michigan.

Houchin Named WCGA First Team All-American on Vault - University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Neb. — Nebraska women’s gymnast Taylor Houchin was announced as a Regular Season First Team All-American on vault by the Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics

Husker volleyball turns a profit for the sixth straight year | Huskers HQ |
LINCOLN — In the six seasons since Nebraska volleyball moved into the Devaney Center, the 7,907-seat arena has become one of the best home-court advantages in college volleyball.

Taylor-Britt believes Husker DBs are primed to lead
”When we say something, we have a big positive impact on the team,” Taylor-Britt said. “Because we are so together they see that ... We’re always together.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

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Missouri woman gives birth in Walmart toilet paper aisle, report says | Fox News
A woman reportedly gave birth in the toilet paper aisle of a Walmart in Missouri last week after her water broke while she was shopping, according to reports.

Women’s Basketball Was Building Momentum. Then All The Games Stopped. | FiveThirtyEight
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Coronavirus hits close to home for Ole Miss football player - Sports Illustrated
The parents of Eli Johnson have both tested positive for COVID-19 and the Ole Miss football lineman thinks he probably has it, too.

These maps use phone data to reveal which Americans are social distancing (and not)
If you have a smartphone, you’re probably contributing to a massive coronavirus surveillance system. And it’s revealing where Americans have — and haven’t — been practicing social distancing.

6 Times the Olympics Were Postponed or Canceled | Mental Floss
The 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been postponed for a year due to the coronavirus outbreak, but it's not the first time the Summer or Winter Games have been nixed because of world events.

Another Week - Another Poop Article

Unprecedented Preservation of Fossil Feces from the La Brea Tar Pits: A 50,000-year-old Snapshot of Los Angeles Trapped in Asphalt
Today, a team of researchers from La Brea Tar Pits, the University of Oklahoma and the University of California Irvine report the first coprolites – or fossil feces – ever discovered in an asphaltic – or tar pit – context.

The U.S. Navy's Big Beautiful New Carrier Has Hilariously Messed Up Toilets
The USS Gerald R. Ford is a technological marvel. Its nuclear reactors can enable it to move for 25 years without re-fueling. It uses powerful electro-magnets to hurl aircraft into the sky. It has toilets designed so incredibly poorly that the entire system needs to be unclogged and flushed out with acid, yes acid, on a regular basis, at the cost of $400,000 a pop.

Then There’s This

Elephants in China got drunk and passed out in a garden | Live Science
A herd of elephants recently overindulged on corn wine in a village in China’s Yunnan Province, and a photo of two tipsy pachyderms went viral.

Tim Deserves His Own Category


The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma turned over their Twitter account to the head of security, Tim. I now believe Twitter is the greatest thing ever.

Here’s a sampling of Tim’s tweets.

Go and follow Tim @ncwhm

Even if he turns out to be Seth in marketing doing an elaborately constructed ‘viral’ social media campaign, it is still hilarious. And everyone can use a few laughs right now.