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Of Bangarangs & Daggers Episode 45: Statistics, Transfers, and Scheduling, Oh My!

Where did this season fall compared to prior first year tenures? KenPom, of course, will be our guidebook in answering.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 11 Big Ten Tournament - Nebraska vs Indiana Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome back to another episode as we strive to bring you a distraction from your children and/or other newfound daytime “co-workers” during these strange and troubling times. We have a quick episode for you this week, but certainly one worth listening to!

First we take a look at the transfer situation for the Huskers. Who is out to this point? Who is in? What potential targets should we start crossing our fingers for that are worth a look?

Then I break down how our Nebraska Cornhuskers finished this season compared to previous first year head coaches. Was it really that bad? Do the advanced stats and rankings justify the gloom and doom, or was it same old-same old? Take a listen to find out for sure.

Finally, we get to a sneak peak into rumor town at who might be getting put on the schedule for next season. Hint: it is a former Big 8/Big XII opponent, but you have to listen to find out who that might be and where the game will be played if it goes through.

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