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Coach Frost Talks Recruiting, Zoom Meetings and Spring Game Cancellation on Sports Nightly

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These are Frost’s first comments since March 9th back when we were all still hoping for some March Madness basketball

Nebraska v Maryland

Frost made an appearance on Sports Nightly earlier this evening and provided a lot of updates on how Husker Football is handling the coronavirus outbreak. Here are some Frost quotes and audio clips from the interview.

“We’re frustrated and concerned and a little bit bored and anxious to get back to a normal state of affairs and in our regular lives.”

“I think Nebraskans are following orders better than most people, staying away from each other, and I think really the key to that is that the better we can do with those things right now that the quicker hopefully we get back to a normal type of lifestyle.”

It seems like Frost is feeling like how we pretty much all of us are feeling right now. Nobody wants a cancelled college football season so we’re trying to take the steps to avoid that.

It should be interesting to hear from some of the players (hopefully in the near future) about their workout routine. I know that has to be difficult especially with limited access to the weight room and the training table food only being available due to the social distancing protocols that have been implemented in Nebraska and around the country.

As long as everyone keeps adhering to the guidelines, this should be over sooner rather than later.