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Frosted Flakes: It’s Time For Snacks, Olympics Postponed, Marble Racing

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Everyone needs a good snack or twenty.

Cantina La Mexicana In Somerville Photo by Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

I love food.

Staying home and social distancing (that’s a verb now, right?) makes me want to eat all the time. It also makes me crave all the things I shouldn’t eat excessively.

Here is an example of what I mean. Saturday I went to the grocery store, as I had greatly underestimated the amount of milk my family would drink in a week. I also needed bread as there was none when I had gone on Monday. I asked my husband what else we needed and he said, “Get something good.”

That is all I needed to now feel like I must get all the things “good”. I started out doing well, getting some fruit. That didn’t last long. In the end I had a full grocery cart with wonderful items such as ice cream, chips, Reese’s eggs (THE BEST), Peeps (not for me), and margaritas.

This lead to letting my family have ice cream for dinner on Saturday night and my lunch yesterday consisting of pretzel thins and hummus, Pringles, a Cutie, and a Reese’s egg. Life is about balance, but I’m not sure I’m balancing my snacks well.

What snacks are you craving while you’re social distancing?

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