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Nebraska Wrestling’s Outlook at 133 pounds

Huskers Loaded with Experience and Intriguing Youth

Ridge Lovett, seen here scoring near-fall points against Michigan, manned the 133-pound class as a freshman. Does he stay put or move up in weight?
Dylan Guenther / Corn Nation

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*Grades representative of upcoming 2020-21 season

Who’s Leaving?

* Senior Zak Hensley

Who’s Coming Back?

* Sophomore Ridge Lovett (2019-20 starter)

* Junior Jevon Parrish (2018-19 starter)

* Junior Tucker Sjomeling

* Redshirt Freshman Daniel Monahan

New Arrivals?

*Recruiting rankings from InterMat

* Freshman Dominick Serrano (Ranked No. 2 at 132 pounds)


The 133-pound weight class, to me, is one of the more difficult to pin down what’ll happen going into the 2020-21 season for the Huskers. Despite a returning starter at the weight, there are a lot of variables that could dictate changes.

As I said in my 125-pound preview, returning starter Alex Thomsen could move up to 133 pounds. Although, he’ll find that the competition up here is much more intense. The Huskers also added one of the best recruits in the nation to the 133-pound room in Dominick Serrano. In addition to the possible additions, the Huskers bring back four wrestlers at this weight with a wide array of experience.

What happens here may very well have a ripple effect on the Huskers’ lineup going into next year. Or it could be as cut and dried as saying Ridge Lovett will be the starter again. Who knows?

Lovett went 17-8 as a true freshman in what is considered the hardest weight class in college wrestling this season, especially as it pertains to the Big Ten. Lovett routinely took on the top wrestlers in the country and showed why he was such a sought-after recruit. Finishing the year with a 3-3 record at the Big Ten Championships to finish in 7th place, Lovett impressed many people in his first season as a Husker. If Lovett stays at 133 pounds (I believe it’s possible he could move up to 141 pounds), it’s his job. Period.

If Lovett moves up in weight, then the door opens for Thomsen, who went 13-15 at 125 pounds this season as a redshirt freshman. Also, Jevon Parrish shouldn’t be discounted, as he manned the starting spot in 2018-19 as a redshirt freshman. Parrish went 20-12 during his season as a starter but finished just 1-7 in dual competition. He went 3-2 to finish in 9th place at the Big Ten Championships in 2019. This season sitting behind Lovett, Parrish has posted an impressive 14-3 record.

Tucker Sjomeling saw his sophomore season cut short with an injury early in the season at the Daktronics Open. Sjomeling went 14-5 with a 3-3 dual record as a redshirt freshman, so he’s another solid option for the Huskers.

Daniel Monahan came to Nebraska as a 125-pounder but moved up to 133 pounds this past season while redshirting. The former NUWAY All-American from New Jersey will look to get in the mix at 133 pounds after going 4-8 during his redshirt year.

Then there’s Dominick Serrano. The freshman fresh off an undefeated high school career and four state titles looks to jump in and earn a starting spot right away. And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens.

If Serrano is as good as advertised, he could be the guy who forces some moves in the Husker lineup. If Serrano takes the 133 pound spot, that means Lovett would likely move up to 141 pounds, forcing Chad Red to possibly move up to the vacant spot at 149 pounds. See what I mean?


Without projecting multiple moves in weight classes (I’ll be doing that later), I see this as Lovett’s weight class until he decides he wants to move up. After all, Lovett moved up two weights as a senior in high school to test himself against bigger and better wrestlers. So, assuming Lovett stays put at 133 pounds, that will almost cement Serrano’s redshirt year. Also, Nebraska has to love the depth of talent it has behind Lovett with Parrish and Sjomeling.

Projected Depth Chart

  1. Ridge Lovett (Soph.)
  2. Jevon Parrish (Jr.)
  3. Tucker Sjomeling (Jr.)
  4. Daniel Monahan (R-Fr.)
  5. Dominick Serrano (Fr) (Redshirting)