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Friday Flakes: Time to Put Christmas Lights Back Up?

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This actually isn’t a bad idea

Daily Life In Nanjing Photo by Yang Bo/China News Service via Getty Images

I am among the group who thinks Christmas music is played way too early. Good news though, you don’t have to play Christmas music while putting your Christmas lights back up!

Originally a tweet from former Nebraska Radio Network’s Lane Grindle, who is now one of the play-by-play radio announces for the Milwaukee Brewers (BOOOOO!!!), tweeted this out earlier this week and it appears to have gotten a following.

From Adam McCalvy’s article:

The idea has been picked up by national news outlets including CNN and Fox News, both of which credited Grindle. Local television stations from all over the country have mentioned Grindle as one of those who spread the idea. Good Morning America and The Today Show featured stories of Christmas lights in March. Grindle saw similar stories from the United Kingdom.

I think it’s a great idea.

Sports! Sports! Sports!

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