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The Poloma Podcast By Jay Foreman: Being A Linebacker

You need content! Here it is!

Dane Looker #80

Jay Foreman is joining us with his podcast, the Poloma Podcast.

He is full of information - in this podcast he talks about how hard it is to start at linebacker as a freshman.

  • Learning new schemes. How to line up. You’re the middle linebacker - are you lined up correctly?
  • Are those defensive lineman paying attention? NO THEY ARE NOT.
  • Why could Jay Foreman start right now at middle linebacker. RIGHT NOW DAMMIT.
  • Who should fans be watching at linebacker?
  • Knee bender? Hip Bender? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?

Foreman is pretty blunt when he talks about football - just what you need in this time of wondering what the hell we’re doing. He even swears a few times which makes him fit right in here at CN!