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Frosted Flakes: Will You Make Me A Sandwich?

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It’ll be better if you make it for me.

Wise Sons Jewish Deli Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

In times without sports, we are left to ponder other important things in life.

One of those such things is: Why are sandwiches better when other people make them?

When I worked summers for the Nebraska Department of Roads as a flagger, many times a sandwich would be in my lunch. While I was completely capable of making my own sandwiches, I would often request that my mom made them for me. Why did I do this? Not because I was lazy, (Okay, I may have been a bit lazy), but because her sandwiches always tasted better. We would have the exact same ingredients, but my sandwich would never taste as good. Now this could be because she is the daughter of The Sandwich Queen of North Central Nebraska*, or it could be something else.

I have noticed that it isn’t just my mom that makes a better sandwich, it is anyone else who makes one. There is just something about a sandwich that someone else makes that makes it better.

Well, except maybe my dad because when I asked him about this his response was,

“Spam on 12 grain bread with German mustard, onions, and cheese. Served hot with a cold glass of tea. The greatest”

No thanks Dad, I’ll pass on that one.

To find the answer to my question, I did some serious research. By that I mean I asked people on my Facebook and Twitter accounts and I surveyed my family. Most people could not answer the why, but they did agree that sandwiches and salads are so much better when made by someone else.

The few people that did have an answer said the following:

  • Love- It is an act of service done for you by someone out of love
  • You didn’t have to make it- It just tastes better because you are not the one putting in the effort to make it.
  • I am terrible at making sandwiches- This just isn’t true, I make delightful sandwich.
  • They aren’t a very good cook, so all they could make is a sandwich. Yet they still cared enough to make one for you.

These people may be on to something or it may be a mystery that is never truly solved.

What do you think, why is a sandwich better when someone else makes it?

*Disclaimer- my grandmother was never to my knowledge named The Sandwich Queen of North Central Nebraska, but she should’ve been.

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