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Time to Take Nate Clouse Down: Nebraska Media Tournament

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15 seeds take down two seeds all the time!

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 11 Big Ten Tournament - Nebraska vs Indiana Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We have long been awaiting for the brackets to come out. Since the NCAA decided not to have their own Selection Sunday, Mike’l Severe of 1620thezone posted on twitter the most important competition in the country.

The Nebraska Media Tournament. Here is the bracket my friends!

There are heavy weights like Nick Bahe (whose Valentino’s team beat us in the finals by a bunch of points like 20 years ago), Damon Benning (who I’m not sure if he is extremely intelligent or wants you to think he is), Tom Shatel (the Omaha version of Steven Sipple), and Mike Schaefer (likely a surprising #1, but I have no problem with it).

Want to know who I think are underrated? Greg Smith, I think he should be ranked higher. Same with Erin Sorensen. She’s a powerhouse. She probably should be a 3 or 4 seed. Next is Jacob Padilla, he is a workhorse, but I’m not sure he gets the love that he deserves. He seems to be everywhere.

Regarding the radio region my number one seed would be: Mike’l Severe.

Regarding the the writers region my number one seed would be: Sam Mckewon.

Regarding the TV region my number one seed would be: Kevin Kugler. Though he isn’t listed. Nick Bahe is not a bad replacement.

Regarding the on-line region my number one seed would be: John Johnston. Yes, he is a #15 seed but we all know where he should be.

Which is the champion.

In order for our fearless leader Jon Johnston to become the 2020 champion of the Nebraska Media Tournament we need to take down a formidable opponent.

Nate Clouse.

While Nate Clouse is a fellow Nate, I feel like we should push our alliances aside and realize that he needs to go down.

I mean who is Nate Clouse? A respected writer and reporter who covers Nebraska football and recruiting and is probably a great father and husband.

He is no Jon Johnston though. Jon has been dead.

My Live Heart

VOTE FOR JON! We will let you know when his bracket is up for voting!