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Corn Nation Movie Night - Blade Runner

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Sports are taking a hiatus so we are having a movie night

Well, sports across the world have come to a stop for the most part. We are a sports website. Nebraska sports, but sports none the less.

With everything gone, we going to do what we can to get you though this. Tonight, we are having a movie night. What we will do is all watch the same movie together. Tonight’s feature is the Ridley Scott classic BLADE RUNNER.

It’s on Netflix so click here to go straight to the show.

Here are the guidelines for the showing:

  1. It will start at 8:00pm CST
  2. Go to Netflix or put your DVD/VHS/Laser Disk into the player. (FYI, Netflix is showing the “Final Cut” Version
  3. We will all press play at that time (Again, 8:00pm CST)
  4. Comment in the comment’s section below as the move goes on.
  5. Timeliness is everything with this but don’t worry if you are a little bit late. If anything, you can always jump in and ask where we are in the film and fast forward up to it if you so chose.

As with any other thread, keep it civil. Whether you agree or disagree with the current state of our society, leave it at the door. This is for people who just want to get a way for awhile and chat with their online friends.